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Wine & Roses Hotel sits in the heart of Lodi Wine Country. Located in Northern California just south of the Sacramento Area and just East of the Bay Area, the historic, boutique hotel features only 66 rooms, beautiful strolling gardens, a relaxing lounge, modern fitness center, swimming pool, jacuzzi and an award winning spa.


The Itinerary


7:45 am arrive at DFW airport

11:30 am – Arrive to Sacramento

Load up and drive to Old Town Sacramento

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 0 4:00 pm Load up and drive to Jeremy Winery in downtown Lodi

Pictures Downtown Lodi Arch

4:30 pm – Load Up and head to Wine and Roses Hotel

Rest/Freshen up/change

5:30 pm – Meets at Rick and Jennifer’s patio

Have a toast then load up to head to Randy and Charlene Lange at LangeTwins Winery

6:15 pm – arrive at Lange’s for dinner and lawn games

Load up and head back to hotel

9:00 pm – Possible harvest opportunity in the field at LangeTwins


9:30 am  - leave hotel for wine tasting

10:00 am  - Acquiesce tasting

11:30 -1:00 pm  - Cheese class 

Load up to head to Klinker Brick

2:00 – 2:30 arrive – 4:30 pm – Tasting tour and stomping grapes

4:30 pm – Load up and head back to hotel

Down time/freshen up and change for dinner

6:30 pm Load up and head to Dinner at Peatros

9:30 pm – head back to hotel


8:15 am meet at Rick and Jennifer’s patio for continental breakfast

9:00  am -Leave hotel for Oak Farm Winery 

Breakfast outside patio

Historical Tour and tasting

11:30 – 12:00 pm Head back to hotel

Little bit of down time (Walk/pool/bicycle)

4:30 pm – Load up to leave for Michael David Winery for tour/tasting/cutting flowers in their garen/booce/ball/dinner

Lounge at Wine and Roses Hotel


9:00 am – breakfast on Rich and Jennifer’s patio

Downtime/Spa/Pool time

Blending class at LangeTwins Winery


2:00 pm – load up to head to LangeTwins Winery for tour/tasting

4:00 pm – head back to hotel

Freshen up/rest/change for dinner

Dinner at LangeTwins Winery in the cellar with Chef Nick

Load up and back to hotel

Possible harvesting opportunity


9:00 am – breakfast on Rick and Jennifer’s patio

10:00 am – Load up and head home